• What is Block-racing?

    Block-racing is a car racing game based on Ethereum blockchain, a gaming platform that gamers can play and bid money on, it is also a venture that we invite you to invest in.


    Game is all about fun and fairness. But most gaming relies on centralised servers to host all the gaming data, which makes them vulnerable to attacks and hacks. Anyone with admin access would be able to forge data and tamper gaming results. Needless to say, it takes off the fun and your money, it is unfair. We are not OK with it.


    Block-racing is the world first racing game based on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, on which data control is never placed in a single hand, not to mention the wrong hands, it is not to be compromised by design.


    It is as reliable as Bitcoin itself.

  • www.blockracing.com


    Wechat Account: Blockchainracing

    QQ: 3547223817